HOST Employees

Employee Benefits

STAR awards


When your staff are employed by HOST they are still completely immersed within your business just like any other employee and HOST will take care of all the administrative and legal aspects of the employment relationship.

The CROSSMARK HOST Program doesn't just benefit our clients but also offers diverse employment opportunities to our 'Hosted' employees through our well connected business.  

A HOST employee has the opportunity to work with world leading brands, direct contact with a dedicated Client Manager, access to expert career advice, engagement within an internal HOST rewards program and so much more! 

Employee engagement is a top priority for us, which has enabled our people to flourish in their roles. Whether office based or in field, we give our people real autonomy and accountability.

We celebrate their achievements by identifying and highlighting employees that are making positive contributions to the CROSSMARK business in our monthly ‘Special Thanks and Recognition’ (STAR) presentations.

The purpose of STAR awards to recognise employees who go over and above service excellence to CROSSMARK associates and clients. STAR is about our people – the value they can add, and the professional growth and skills that they develop.