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The Power of an Environment

We recently moved offices over the Christmas break, it was such a refreshing feeling coming into a new office on my first day of work for 2015. Naturally, being a new office it is brighter, more sophisticated and modern - the perfect home away from home.

The feeling and atmosphere around the office is contagious. At first I thought it was a case of 'New Year, New Mindset' but the infectious feeling seems to be everlasting and something I believe worth boasting about!

Coincidently during the week I attended a business event and was lucky enough to sit next to the guest speaker.  Throughout lunch we talked about this 'feeling' within our offices and although it wasn’t the topic of this particular event it certainly got me thinking. Similarly, this guest speaker happened to relocate offices over Christmas and just like CROSSMARK moved to a new location. We engaged in a lengthy conversation about how 'the move' had such a positive impact on the attitude and efficiencies of our employees. As we continued to exchange stories and opinions I thought to myself, I wonder how many businesses have low productivity and poor demeanour within their teams, all because of the environment in which they work.

If you think about it, the Bureau of Statistics’ figures show one third of Australian workers spend more than 45 hours a week at their jobs and a further 5 hours per week commuting to and from their place of work. Is it any wonder that now more than ever it's so influential to have a vibrant office? 

Here at CROSSMARK we put a lot of thought, time and effort into securing our new office. Your employees have to be at the forefront of your thought process, for example we took all of the following into consideration; 

- Location & accessibility
- Surrounding amenities (cafes, restaurants, child care centres)
Onsite Parking 
Collaborative areas 
- Creative spaces
- Natural light 
- Desk space 
- Integration of teams

We really pride ourselves on our Culture, people are our business and we believe investing time in their happiness is a positive business investment.

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Posted by Lauren Jarjoura 
9 February 2015